x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Six-month sentence in pepper-spray robbery

Man convicted of breaking into victim's room and blinding him with chili powder.

DUBAI // A shepherd was sentenced to six months in prison for spraying pepper in a man's face before robbing him, a court ruled this morning.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance said SA, 25, a Bangladeshi camel herder, trespassed into the room of MA, 45, at night and robbed him after he sprayed chili pepper powder into his eyes. He stole Dh1,200.

MA, also Bangladeshi, testified that at about 2.30am on April 5 he woke up to the sound of footsteps in his room in Mankhoul area. He said he spotted SA, who yelled at him to shut up, then pulled a small can from his pocket and sprayed it in his eyes.

"My eyes started burning, and I screamed loudly due to pain," MA said, adding that two men identified as R and K rushed to his rescue.

"I only found out the money was missing after the defendant fled my room," MA said.

He filed a complaint at Lihbab Police Station.

SA was arrested on April 10, and according to prosecution records, he confessed during investigations to both charges.