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Man forged parking passes, prosecutors say

Dubai resident replaced dates on old tickets, according to the charges.


DUBAI // An Indian shipping clerk confessed to forging parking permits this morning before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.
The suspect, AA, 53, allegedly cut out numerals and placed them on outdated permits, prosecutors say.

On November 21, 2010, he parked his Toyota Yaris in a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) car park opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel. He used a ticket dated November 11 after gluing the number 21 on top of the number 11, prosecutors say.

A parking security guard identified in records as MJ told prosecutors that about 8pm on the date of the incident, he noticed the forgery while patrolling the car park.

According to records, MJ said he suspected forgery because the numbers showing the period of parking did not match the the amount paid.

MJ met AA the next day and asked him about the ticket. The suspect handed MJ an envelope filled with parking passes forged in the same manner, records show. MJ called police, who arrested AA at the car park.

Records stated that the suspect had used another forged parking ticket on November 14, a week before he was arrested. However he did not have the time the use the number of forged tickets found in his possession due to his arrest.

Dubai prosecution accused AA of forging official documents and using the forged documents to deceive authorities.
His lawyer requested a copy of the file and will present his defence during the next hearing, scheduled for March 6.

RTA’s parking tickets cost Dh2 for an hour, Dh5 for two hours, Dh7 for for three hours and Dh10 for four hours. The fine for exceeding a parking period or failing to place a valid parking ticket on the car’s front window is Dh150.