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Legal Q&As: Can someone deported from the UAE transit through the country?

A reader asks if it is possible to transit in the UAE after being deported and another asks if it is possible to apply for another visit visa to the country as soon as the first one expires

I am Indian citizen who was deported from UAE in July 2008 for working on a cargo ship using a fake CDC (continuous discharge certificate). At the time I had my fingerprints taken and an eye scan done. They also stamped my passport before I was flown to India from Dubai airport. Can I appeal in a case of this type? Also, can I transit in Abu Dhabi while flying to Germany?

The penalty of deportation was enacted in the Federal Penal Law as an addition to the main punishment in the criminal verdict. Deportation is applied on certain crimes that are mentioned in the law. However, the Federal Penal Law neither set any procedure for the deported convict after execution of the punishment to file any grievance against the deportation nor does the law outline the possibility for the return of anyone who has been deported. Therefore, the answer is no – you cannot return to the UAE.

You should be fine to transit through the emirate on the condition that you do not need to go through immigration. If the transit requires a short stay in the airport, then you will be arrested in the airport.

I am an American citizen. If I enter the UAE on a visit visa, how long after it expires can I apply for another visit visa to return to the UAE?

Americans and some European citizens may enter the UAE on an arrival visa for 30 days and they may either extend their stay for some charges, as per the immigration department's regulations.

However, in case you want to stay for a few months you may apply for a visit visa of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months instead of applying for a visa on arrival. Once you exit the UAE, after the expiry of the visa, there is no restriction on submitting for another visit visa immediately.

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Updated: September 30, 2018 09:27 PM