x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Boy, 13, accuses duo of molestation and Taser attack

The teenager said the men, both Emirati, forced him to take his clothes off by stunning him with electric shock gun.

DUBAI // Two men molested a 13-year-old Palestinian boy and shocked him with a Taser stun gun, a court heard yesterday.

The men, both Emiratis, are charged with molesting, threatening, and assaulting the boy.

F A, 20, pleaded not guilty before Presiding Judge Hamad Abdel Latif of the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance. Y A, 31, the other defendant, was not at the hearing.

Y A allegedly forced the teenager to take off his clothes by stunning him with the Taser. Y A also allegedly used his mobile phone to take at least one picture of the naked boy.

The men allegedly threatened to tear up the boy's clothes and leave him naked on a street if he did not comply with their wishes.

According to the boy's testimony in court records, Y A called one of the teenager's friends in June 2009 when the two boys were out together in Sharjah. Y A told the 13-year-old's friend that he wanted to talk to him, and they agreed to meet, according to the testimony.

Y A and F A arrived, and asked the boys to get into their car. When the 13-year-old refused, F A allegedly pushed him into the vehicle. Both the boy and his friend were then driven to Dubai, and Y A shocked the 13-year-old boy with the Taser during the trip, the court was told.

The boys were taken to Y A's home and forced into his bedroom. Y A told the teenager to take off his clothes, and used the electroshock device on him when he refused, the court heard.

The boy took off his shirt, but refused to remove his pants. Y A threatened to use the stun gun on him again. The teenager then removed his trousers, according to his testimony.

Y A took a picture of the boy while F A was with the boy's friend in the bathroom. The boy alleged that Y A asked him to have sex with him.

It is unclear exactly what happened to the second boy. His age was also unavailable.

The 13-year-old boy also told the court that even though he resisted the alleged advances, Y A molested him and then told him to go into the bathroom with F A, who forcibly undressed him when he refused to take off the clothing he had left on him. The boy also said that FA asked him to shower with him. He complied, according to his testimony.

His father testified that Y A threatened his son and told him he would release photos of him.

The case has been adjourned to November 22.