Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 October 2018

UAE enter Asian Cup quarter-finals after Iran defeat Qatar

The UAE have qualified for the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup after Iran defeated Qatar in their Group C encounter.
Reza Ghoochannejhad, Morteza Pouraliganji and Vouria Ghafouri of Iran react after defeating Qatar in Sydney on January 15. Daniel Munoz / Getty Image
Reza Ghoochannejhad, Morteza Pouraliganji and Vouria Ghafouri of Iran react after defeating Qatar in Sydney on January 15. Daniel Munoz / Getty Image

The UAE have guaranteed their entry into the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup after Iran secured a 1-0 victory over Qatar at Stadium Australia.

In the earlier Group C game, the UAE edged out Bahrain 2-1, which meant Qatar, who were thrashed by the Whites 4-1 on Sunday, needed to avoid defeat against Iran to keep their hopes of progressing alive.

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However, a solitary goal from striker Sardar Azmoum in the 52nd minute ensured Iran join the UAE in the knockout stages and Qatar on a plane home.

Qatar, who had come into the tournament with high hopes after winning the Gulf Cup at the end of last year, failed to get a shot of note on target and will now go home after their final group match against Bahrain on Monday.

Iran finished the first half strongest and Sardar had already had a chance to break the deadlock in the 46th minute but poked the ball wide of goal with his left foot after Qatar goalkeeper Qasem Burhan had failed to deal with a corner.

The 20-year-old made no mistake six minutes later when, receiving the ball on the edge of the box from Ashkan Dejagah, he turned defender Almahdi Ali Mukhtar brilliantly and slipped the ball past Qasem and into the net.

The stadium exploded with noise and Sardar, the only change from the side that beat Bahrain 2-0 in their tournament opener on Sunday, raced to the corner to be embraced by a mob of fans.

Qatar were stung into life by the goal but were still unable to get any real penetration despite their possession their strength and technique earned them.

Former Asian Player of the Year Khalfan Ibrahim, omitted from the starting line-up, joined the fray at the hour mark just as Sardar left it with an ankle injury.

Sardar’s replacement Reza Ghoochannejhad looked determined to get back on the scoresheet to try and win back his place in the side but his long-range efforts lacked power when they did not lack accuracy.

Still, the impressive Dejagah continued to cause problems for the Qatar defence on the break while Qasem looked like a liability every time the ball was crossed.

Qatar substitute Meshaal Abdulla hit the post with a header in stoppage time but had been ruled offside in any case.

The first half had plenty of endeavour and effort but little goal-mouth action to reward the crowd, which made up for lack of numbers in the 82,000-capacity stadium with noisy passion.

Iran had come closest to breaking the deadlock five minutes before halftime when skipper Javad Nekounam found the target with a thumping header from a corner only for Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed on the goal-line to head clear.

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