x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Batting sides get to decide one power play

The ICC confirms a series of amendments to playing conditions will take effect from today.

DUBAI // The International Cricket Council (ICC) have confirmed that a series of amendments to playing conditions will take effect from today. The ICC chief executives' committee ratified a number of proposals when they met at the end of June. The practice of players leaving the field for "comfort breaks" to be replaced by substitute fielders has been legislated against. Additionally, all catches can now be referred to the third umpire when the on-field officials are unsure.

One-day captains have been handed another tactical decision to make, with one of the two options power-plays - periods of five overs when fielding restrictions are applie - to be picked by the batting side. Current rules have a 10-over enforced power-play, with the fielding captain choosing the timing of the next two. Another change that was brought about at the ICC meeting involved handing the umpires the chance to reduce the interval between innings when the game has been delayed or interrupted was introduced with immediate effect in June.

The new law on cricket bats will also come into effect after the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) had expressed concerns over the use of graphite and other elements in modern day bats. "The dimensions of the bat have not and will not be changed. It is the properties of the bat that will change," an MCC official, Neil Priscott, said. The new Law stipulates that 90 per cent of the volume of bat handles should consist of cane, wood and/or twine while the other 10 per cent could be elements like rubber for the purpose of reducing vibration.

The bat handle must not exceed 52 per cent of the overall length of the bat, and restricts the thickness of materials that can be used to protect and repair bats. The MCC will also carry out random tests all over the world to ensure they comply with the new Law. * PA Sport