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Speculation pointless before final election results in India

Our readers have their say about India's elections, Pragya Singh Thakur, and food waste during Ramadan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to win the Indian elections, and remain in his position for another five years. REUTERS
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to win the Indian elections, and remain in his position for another five years. REUTERS

I write to you in reference to Samanth Subramanian’s article India exit polls show Narendra Modi winning another five years as prime minister (May 19).

Exit polls can be misleading. One of the lessons of the present election is that stretching them out over seven weeks is not such a good idea. Granted, 900 million citizens have to vote, and it is difficult to achieve this in one day. The drawn-out process was filled with inflammatory comments between candidates, leading to rancour and acrimony. These elections have been among the most divisive in the last 70 years.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

It seems the outcome of these polls gives relief to the BJP-led NDA alliance, but the increasing vote share for other parties cannot be overlooked.

Also, the BJP has lost a few seats in recent state elections, which will certainly have an impact on the results of the general election. Whichever parties come to power in India, the country’s secular values must not be ­damaged anymore, at any cost. Unfortunately, this is where the attention is lacking.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat

Mahatma Gandhi’s killer is no hero, shame on his supporters

I write to you in reference to your article Outrage over BJP candidate’s praise for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin (May 17).

The recent comments by BJP candidate Pragya Singh Thakur, condoning Nathuram Godse, the assassin who killed India’s founding father Mahatma Gandhi, is simply appalling. Mrs Thakur referred to Gandhi’s killer as a patriot, a horrific comment which gave the opportunity for opposing parties to criticise the ruling NDA Government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned her comment. Political leaders should be very careful about what they say in public, as others could be enticed to act upon their comments. Although Mrs Thakur later apologised, her comment has distressed people all over India and only contributed to fuel hate.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

This Ramadan, take a stand to cut back on food waste

I write to you in reference to Patrick Ryan’s article Ramadan food waste: hotels and restaurants urged to cut back on lavish displays and leftovers (May 19).

It would be much better to give this money and food to the poor so that they do not go to bed hungry.

Asad Sye, Vancouver

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