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Fascinating developments in the new trilateral committee

Readers discuss Putin, happiness, Saudi Arabia and smoking

A new trilateral committee of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the US will discuss Iran among other matters. Atta Kenare / AFP
A new trilateral committee of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the US will discuss Iran among other matters. Atta Kenare / AFP

I write in reference to your article Formation of a new US-Saudi-UAE trilateral committee to counter Iran (March 19). This committee will also be discussing US policy in South Asia, according to a senior US official. That is interesting given the UAE’s deep ties with India and Saudi Arabia’s close relationship with Pakistan.

Name withheld by request

Putin’s election victory reflects his vision for Russia

This is in reference to the recent Russian election result (Russian election hands Putin mandate for more of the same, March 20). Vladimir Putin’s victory is a dramatic development. His vision and decision-making is laudable. Kudos to Mr Putin.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

After the tragedy involving a toddler, is it time for action?

In reference to your online story School bus driver who ran over Emirati toddler is arrested (March 21), what a tragic story this is. How sad for the family of the child and, indeed, for all concerned. Is it time for mandatory reversing cameras to be installed on buses?

Name withheld by request

To be truly happy, you have to define it properly first

I refer to your story that posed the following question: How can we achieve true happiness? (March 20). If you live in a place with people who can share your feelings, then that’s how I would define happiness. Let happiness come from the heart.

I’d also say it’s how you make a difference that matters. Otherwise happiness is just another word in the dictionary.

Matthew Litty, Dubai

Smoking kills, but taxes rarely deter committed smokers

I write regarding your poll on smoking in this country (Only one in four say 100% excise tax has changed their habit, March 20). Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances around. Sin taxes do no deter smoking.

Gus K Bougadis, Abu Dhabi

Social reforms are not the be all and end all in Saudi Arabia

Please refer to your article Saudi Crown Prince starts US tour ‘at vital time for region’ (March 19). The Crown Prince is doing an excellent job on social reforms, but there is still work to be done on the business side if the country is to attract significant investment.

Name withheld by request

If you want to stress bust, try being Greek for the day

I refer to your story about destroying junk at a new Dubai attraction (Knock out stress by breaking stuff at Dubai’s Smash Room, March 19). I do something similar every weekend with my Greek friends, and I do it free of charge.

Grace Gallardo, Bahrain

Don’t underestimate British resilience on EU exit

In reference to your Brexit coverage, the UK will not wallow but, rather, has the quality of springing back into life like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Name withheld by request

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