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Ethiopia must not collapse under the regime of Abiy Ahmed

Our readers have their say on traffic accidents, the ban on WhatsApp calls, the leadership in Ethiopia and verdicts in India

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Tiksa Negeri / Reuters
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Tiksa Negeri / Reuters

With reference to Charlie Mitchell's piece Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed is facing the greatest test of his leadership (November 6): Mr Ahmed is not the charming enthusiastic man from a year ago. He is not as decisive or assertive. He is a charismatic preacher and the fact that he has not taken action has put him in this dilemma. I hope he saves Ethiopia from collapsing.

A Kassa, Ottawa

The death of a little girl in a traffic accident is too tragic for words

In reference to the story Motorist arrested after death of child, 4, outside Dubai school (November 6)

Dubai is in many ways a small, close-knit community. This has broken everyone's hearts.

Tarja Yilmaz, Dubai

Changing WhatsApp regulations would be good for us all

In reference to the article UAE may lift WhatsApp calls ban 'soon', says top cyber security official (November 7): It would be good for business. Anything that improves a company's ability to call in and out of the UAE helps make the UAE a smart city.

Name withheld on request

Please do this for the residents of this country. I would consider it an act of kindness. This would allow me to talk to my mother everyday.

Sini Tony, Dubai

This is great news and a good decision by the authorities.

Nadeem Ali, Dubai

This is good news for all of us in the UAE, and a positive step towards the wellbeing of everyone in the country. Connectivity has become the 21st century mantra around the world. This step will be a boon for UAE residents as they will be able to communicate with their loved ones.

Name withheld on request

A landmark judgement in India has finally put an end to a long dispute

Samanth Subramanian’s article India’s supreme court clears way for Hindu temple at Ayodhya (November 9). A decades-old dispute over the ownership of land has finally come to an end. Prime minister Narendra Modi’s message that this verdict is neither a victory nor a defeat is laudable and the Supreme Court’s judgement has been accepted even by the opposition. These are dramatic developments in Indian politics.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

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