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Beauty blogger needs to move with the times

Our readers have their say on blogging, Pakistan and obesity

Sondos Al Qattan prompted a backlash with her comments on social media. Sondos Al Qattan / Instagram
Sondos Al Qattan prompted a backlash with her comments on social media. Sondos Al Qattan / Instagram

I refer to your editorial Compassion is needed for society’s hardest workers (July 22). Sondos Alqattan is upset with the new regulations granting a weekly holiday to the Filipina maids in her employ. She may be interested to know that as an expatriate manager in some countries where I worked, the domestic staff had to be given the full weekend off. In addition, we had to pay for the local bus or train expenses of the maid for travel over the weekend. She was also entitled to a provident fund, which was deposited every month in her account. She had to be provided a separate room in the apartment, with a television. She was also entitled to a set of everyday clothes and party dresses, which she wore when we entertained at home. In many homes, the maids also dined daily at the same table with the family.

Ms Alqattan must realise that there is nothing wrong in upholding the dignity of fellow human beings, no matter what their station in life. Her country has changed its regulations. She has to move with the times.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Today’s election is a truly defining moment for Pakistan

In response to your ongoing coverage of the Pakistani election (July 24), it is pathetic that some political parties are deliberately promoting a flawed narrative that the elections in Pakistan are being influenced by the establishment (read army ).

On the one hand, the army is required to conduct free and fair elections by the civilian authorities and political parties themselves and on the other hand, those same people try to malign the same army. It is a case of “heads I win, tails you lose”.

All such parties who still have complaints about the transparency of the polls should not participate if they are so convinced. The electorate is hopefully more aware this time around. This is a defining moment for Pakistan. The nation must not fail.

Mohamad Hamza, Dubai

Parents must do more to combat childhood obesity

I am writing in response to your article UAE’s high child obesity rates blamed on technology (July 23): the obesity rates in the UAE are indeed alarming.

We cannot blame the children alone because parents themselves are often obese. When role models are not vigilant and cautious about what they consume, how can we expect the children to be fit?

Sedentary lifestyles are a major contributory factor in this crisis. Hospitals and clinics are filled with patients suffering from obesity. But prevention is better than a cure. It is our health and we need to work to preserve it.

An ideal time needs to be set aside to exercise. Now that schools are closed, pupils have the opportunity to focus on themselves but a little guidance is required from parents. It will take time and dedication but it is time to get fit and summers are the best time. So let’s make use of this lull. It is never too late.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

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