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A fresh rivalry is an exciting prospect for the World Cup

Readers discuss the terrorist attack in France, better insurance premiums for good drivers and the Fifa world cup

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo loves lording it over a rival / AP
Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo loves lording it over a rival / AP

In response to your article Cristiano Ronaldo loves lording it over a rival – like he did over Mohamed Salah at World Cup 2018 friendly (March 24), I cannot wait for them to play wearing the same kit. This game was pretty epic. If it’s any indication for what Russia is going be like this summer, I’m super excited.

Bruce Jones, US

Safe drivers should be rewarded for good behaviour

In reference to your article Safe drivers in UAE entitled to no-claims discounts of up to 20 per cent (March 25): could this be another marketing ploy? Sadly, these companies mostly just want to take your cash.

Name withheld by request

Discounts for safe drivers are long overdue but it is nice to see they are now on offer.

Ian Dolan, Dubai

Trapped for 17 hours with a screaming child? No thanks

In reference to your article World’s second-longest flight touches down in London from Perth (March 25), screaming children would be the only concern on my mind on such a long-haul flight.

Saif Omar Al Suwaidi, Sharjah

The world must stand with France in its time of need

I refer to your article France mourns victims of terror attack (March 25): it was saddening to read about the recent terror attack that claimed four lives in France and injured three people. France has witnessed numerous terror attacks in the past and this latest one claimed by ISIL should be universally condemned. Parish priest Philippe Guitart spoke out about this attack and warned against scapegoating or targeting innocent Muslims.

People should learn to co-exist harmoniously in society and help each other. This incident will nonetheless have unsavoury consequences for communal relations. The French government should be more alert to prevent any such incidents in the future. The international communuty must stand with French people against terrorism to safeguard innocent lives.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Data protection is a serious issue, particularly in India

I write in reference to your article India struggles to control information distribution from its own identity scheme (March 26): in the context of recent general data protection regulation adopted by the European Union, individual data protection has become a global concern. In India, a larger market for Facebook and other social media platforms is now a real concern for authorities. Since personal data is clearly being misused for various reasons, it is vital to have strong policy guidelines that safeguard the large volumes of personal information exchanged through social media.

India is scrambling to find a solution to restrict data leaks – particularly from the Aadhaar government information database – as they can have a detrimental financial impact.

N Ramachandran, Muscat

Updated: March 26, 2018 07:41 PM