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Cooking is a form of art that comes naturally

Readers discuss patriarchy, geckos, nannies, cooking and more

Cooking is an art; you either have it in you, or you don't, says one reader.
Cooking is an art; you either have it in you, or you don't, says one reader.

I refer to your article, A different dining experience: 8 cooking classes to try in the UAE (September 2). Becoming a genius in the kitchen has very little to do with classes, and more to do with skills being handed down by the family over generations. This is in addition, of course, to having a natural talent and flair for cooking. Cooking is an art; you cannot teach someone to be a great artist. You're either born with it, or you're not.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Sexist music is rampant around the world

In reference to your article, Patriarchal pop: the latest sexist trend in Arabic pop music (September 5), it isn't just Arabic music that denigrates women. A lot of western music does too.

Karen Thompson, Denmark

As long as fans keep listening to such singers, nothing will change. In order for them to stop creating such music, they must be deprived of what they desire most: attention.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai

Can I just say that I would love for The National to start a regular column on issues related to the global gender struggle? Such an initiative would definitely change mindsets.

Tiffany Malnar, Abu Dhabi

Perhaps signposts would help drivers avert mistakes

I refer to your article, Car drives 500m down Dubai Tram tracks (September 3). This is not the first such incident. I recently saw two cars inside the tram tracks, much to the horror of myself and my family. They must have got confused, as they were clearly looking for a way to get out of the lane.

Any Bernabeu Merino, Dubai

What I don't understand is why an old system like the tram was even introduced. It's obviously causing more problems than it's worth.

Muhanned Al Belooshi , Dubai

Geckos are nothing new to the region

I refer to your article, Tiny gecko discovered in Hajar mountains (September 3). I believe this species of gecko has lived in these mountains for centuries and hides well, hence why it has only just been discovered.

Real Saif Saed, Dubai

Why would anyone consciously stir up trouble on a flight?

In reference to your article, Ryanair flight evacuated and nine passengers ejected after man shouts ‘Allahu Akbar' (September 3), why would anyone stir up this kind of trouble? In this day and age, such a stunt is anything but funny.

Beverly Newell, Ras Al Khaimah

Joking about bombs is no laughing matter. In my opinion, they should be banned from flying on any airline.

Melanie Rose, Dubai

Having a nanny is a subjective experience for most families

In reference to your article, How to properly support your nanny in the UAE so she can support you (August 31). Families will undoubtedly have different priorities when it comes to domestic help, especially in a multi-cultural place like Dubai. This includes anything from mannerisms and values, to nutrition, discipline and even what to teach at what age varies from family to family.

Svetlana Svetova , Dubai

My advice for getting a good nanny is: get a smart and eager helper and she will be easily trained on the job.

Radwa Allabban , UK

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