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Take care of your elderly as they once took care of us

Our readers have their say about care for the elderly, the Khashoggi case, overspending and scammers

An elderly Emirati patient waits for a dental check-up / Satish Kumar for the National
An elderly Emirati patient waits for a dental check-up / Satish Kumar for the National

What a fascinating read Ruba Haza’s article UAE Cabinet issues new policy to protect senior citizens (October 22) was.

The recent decision by the UAE Cabinet to protect senior citizens’ interests, from healthcare, transportation and insurance to encouraging them to deploy their skills in many areas, such as community involvement, is to be greatly appreciated.

Globally there is much better awareness of the role senior citizens have to play. In my country, for example, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also introduced healthcare policies for senior citizens.

The UAE is taking the utmost care of its senior citizens. They should be respected and looked after as in their younger years, they contributed extensively to the growth and welfare of the country. This is a very welcome move from the UAE authorities.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

A sombre thought for the family of the missing

I refer to your pertinent editorial Truth and justice must prevail in Saudi case (October 20): you have rightly suggested that the first priority now must be to locate Mr Khashoggi’s body and hold those responsible to account. At least then the grieving process can begin for his family.

Mr Khashoggi’s family and friends will find some closure and finally be able to pray for his departed soul. The return of his body would be humane and fair.

Other newspapers around the world have made the same request and echoed your conscience-arousing editorial.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

How to cut back on profligate spending in the UAE

In reference to your online story Scrimp or splurge? How UAE residents like to spend their money (October 23), I live in cheap accommodation with used furniture so I can save and splurge.

Chris Reid, Dubai

Give scammers the only response: a cold shoulder

Regarding your online story Talk about a cold call: Antarctica latest Wangiri phone scam destination targeting UAE residents (October 23), these bogus calls started for me after I was forwarded a scam WhatsApp message apparently offering free airline tickets. It said I had to send to 10 friends to qualify.

All these bogus competitions do is harvest genuine phone numbers to target users. I wonder if anyone else has seen a similar link and then received these scam calls from Nauru, Papua New Guinea or the Maldives soon after?

Ian Thomasson, Dubai

I have blocked more then 400 numbers to date and am still getting calls. The latest calls are from Burundi.

Ajmal Khan, Dubai

Updated: October 23, 2018 07:46 PM