x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

UAE twitter round-up: Google Earth, hair loss and the Olympics

Every week, Felicity Campbell rounds up the best of the UAE's tweets.

Around the UAE

This is so true @ImanBenChaibah: “Google Earth gives u the ability 2 go c anywhere in the world. But what do u do? U go & look at ur house! – via @Mister_Outlaw”.

@Spagenie is wonderful with their generous tips and many home recipes for quick fixes. A must-follow if you are into beauty routines. “If you suffer from scaly lips, a simple do-it-yourself trick to exfoliate them takes only a finger scoop of ... http://fb.me/1MtXYQE62”.

It sure is but we’re more than halfway through now @Dxbdiva: “Oohh myyy gooddness its so humid outside!! Practically swam home from the mall!”

Some wise words from @Algergawi: “‘You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.’ ~ Cormac McCarthy”.

We loved this story from @Mrsdubai. Very cute. Teaching your kids about #Ramadan: “‘Mummy, where’s Iftar?’ Dubai’s Desperate Housewife: http://bit.ly/Ojnk49 #expat #Dubai #UAE”.


@TheNationalUAE: “Take our poll. Have you noticed increased hair loss since living in the UAE? http://bit.ly/KPlWJQ”.

@LifeNationalUAE: “Calling aspiring filmmakers! UAE British Council is searching for young media creatives to develop their skills http://ow.ly/cGsMt #movies”.

@LifeNationalUAE: “Ramadan brings wealth of new TV shows on OSN @MyOSN @OSNYaHala http://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/television/ramadan-brings-wealth-of-new-tv-shows-on-osn”.

@TheNationalUAE: “From @LifeNationalUAE New #GCC website Gulfography aims to bridge the gap with art http://bit.ly/QW7PSJ”.


@DXBConfidential: “Learn to cook at a unique culinary school – open during #Ramadan > http://bit.ly/RoBZQz #Dubai #GCC #DubaiConfidential #UAE”.

@WildWadiDubai: “Enjoy #Ramadan with #Wild #Wadi every Friday & Saturday from 12pm-12am! http://bit.ly/KsMmMR”.

@Cobonedeals: “For 2: Hotel Stay, breakfast and late checkout for 44 USD instead of 88 USD at Nejoum Al Emarat #Hotel http://ht.ly/cEwUk  #deal #sharjah”.

@LivingSocialAE: “The summer is only half way & we are celebrating that fact with another awesome kid’s Summer Camp deal. http://bit.ly/QCrVEj”.


We’ve all got a lot to say on what’s going on when it comes to this year’s Olympic Games. Some highlights from our favourite Twitter folks:

@Arabianmau’s cats were surely disappointed: “*sound of can opening* cats leap with Olympic like jumps in air 2 find a can of almonds I opened 2 snack on while watching #Olympics.*hiss*”.

@Brentblack: “How can you not root for a guy named Dong Dong? #olympics”.

@Nagham: “So many hijabis competing in the running events – one of which did pretty well (Oman). Proud :) #Olympics”.

@JonathanHaynes: “For anyone who’s not seen it yet – here’s the full video of Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zip wire http://bit.ly/NU4q5d #Olympics”.