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Tried and Tested: a face a body treatment for your wedding day

Nancy Thomsen indulges at The Palace – The Old Town with a spa treatment fit for an Elegant Bride.

WHAT I TRIED The Elegant Bride treatment at The Spa at The Palace - The Old Town

WHAT I WANTED My wedding is only one month away, but no one appears to have told my skin, which is in desperate need of some pampering. Instead of Tired, Stressed Bride, I'm hoping The Elegant Bride makes me feel exactly as the title states.

WHAT HAPPENED The ingredients used in the detoxifying body wrap are from the Shiffa product line, so all are organic. The treatment begins with a basil-and-mint body scrub liberally applied and energetically scrubbed off. My therapist, Analie, has magic strong hands. She tells me this detox body wrap is based on old Arabian practices that girls would follow before their wedding day. It not only cleanses and purifies but also welcomes harmony and peace. Music to my stressed ears!

After the scrub, a green clay body mask mixed with Shiffa detox oil is rubbed deep into my skin. Sweet-smelling dried flower petals and herbs are then gently sprinkled over my body to stimulate and boost blood circulation. Then I am wrapped in a plastic polythene sheet for 15 minutes while my hair and scalp are massaged. By the end of the waiting time, I feel rather like a turkey being prepared to face the oven with greased limbs and oiled hair. Plus, because of the detoxifying ingredients the body wrap is very cold and tingly on the skin. Not frostbite-cold but close. This is not a treatment for the Fainthearted Bride.

With the clay washed off and my normal body temperature restored, it is time for a dreamy hour-long massage and Carita facial. Both treatments boast relaxation properties and I sleep like a baby.

THE VERDICT After the treatment, my face had a genuine radiance that belied the last few weeks I'd had. The body wrap left my skin gloriously soft and smooth. But most of all, I felt lighter than air and totally calm. Whether you are a bride-to-be or just the bridesmaid, this treatment before any big event will give you an outer glow to match your inner one.

The Elegant Bride, Dh1,440 for 150 minutes, The Spa at The Palace - The Old Town, 04 428 7888