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The beauty spy: cleansing wipes

Clean up quick with these top tips.

I've never really liked cleansing wipes. There feels something so wrong in cleaning delicate skin with a material that can also mop up the mess on your kitchen surfaces. Plus, it's cheating, isn't it? Instead of gently removing your make-up with a cream cleanser or a face wash (as per the anti-ageing instructions of the beauty gods), a wipe can be used in a hurry and on the hoof – a sort of lazy girl's guide to cleansing.

But perhaps this is the point. Over the years I've grudgingly come to accept that these functional and economical products have their uses; as a gap-year student I spent the summer frolicking around Thailand with little more than a cherry lip balm and a packet of wet wipes in my bag. When you are stranded on a beach or travelling by train and there is no other way of cleaning yourself, wipes become as valuable as currency.

But it's been a long time since I've toyed with the idea of wipes, and after kissing a few frogs (never use Pampers baby wet wipes on your face if you don't enjoy your skin smeared in lotion), there are a few princes for you if you get caught short. Trusty Boots No7 is known for its Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes. Promising to cleanse, tone, moisturise and remove eye make-up in one, these wipes have a fresh, neutral fragrance and unlike others, don't leave your skin feeling dehydrated afterwards. The packet itself is also a revelation in that it actually reseals properly, so the wipes don't dry out. A practical choice for girls on the go.

Another goodie is L'Orèal Dermo-Expertise Triple Active Ideal Balance Cleansing Wipes. They remove all my make-up in just one wipe, and have a lovely fresh, delicate fragrance and a good amount of moisture.

Lastly, Nivea Visage Cleansing Wipes for dry and sensitive skins are nice, thick wipes that don't leave a greasy film. Staples for your camping trip or gym bag.

Although cleansing wipes have made removing make-up in a hurry much easier, they don't take the place of a product whose sole, specific purpose is ridding the face of caked-on eyeliner while staving off impurities. So treat wipes like a bad man - indulge once in a while but know that in the long run, they won't leave you feeling your best.