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Go Gear: Three manly motoring fragrances

Three of Motoring's favourite luxury car maker fragrances for men

The Italian stallion

You can always rely on Ferrari to have a product to suit your desires, whether it's backpacks, caps, footwear or, indeed, fragrances. The Italian marque is one of the most commercialised of luxury car makers but that isn't a negative. It means the company's switched on to its consumers and that's true when it comes to its Uomo Luxe Edition smelly stuff. This fragrance provides a distinguished, woody and spicy olfactory sensation and it's limited to just 50 100ml bottles so you better be quick. Find it at store.ferrari.com for around Dh500.

Cooler than ice

Just when you thought Porsche was perhaps loosing its ability to be cool, its Porsche Design studio comes up with this. The Essence comes in stylish packaging, all straight lines and minimalist design, and is Porsche's first fragrance. It has an icy-fresh character, with aromatic myrrh and juniper notes, patchouli and fir balsam. Don't worry, we don't understand that either but all you need to know is that it's cool and fresh and worth a splash. It also now comes in The Essense Intense. A 50ml bottle will set you back Dh193. Visit www.porsche-design.com.

Visionary fragrance

Speaking of style, Jaguar is another car company that seems to have rediscovered its mojo after several years in the doldrums. The XK and XJ, not to mention the new XKR are leading the British marque on a bold, new adventure and, when you're on an adventure, it's always best to smell nice, as you never know who's around the next corner. That's why Jag has came up with the Jaguar Vision set, which includes a 100ml eau de toilette spray and a 200ml bath and shower gel for around Dh400. Log on to www.jaguar.com.