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Think beyond framing for posters

If you're looking to do something more than the obvious, try these creative ideas for displaying artworks.

I have a collection of 1980s foreign film posters. Can you suggest ideas on how to incorporate them into my home?

Your posters capture the glamour of a great decade in international cinema, and can make a striking statement as artwork in any room.

The obvious answer is to frame them. Ikea offers cheap and cheerful off-the-shelf options that will do the job just fine. But if you are looking for a custom-made solution, the streets of Satwa in Dubai are lined with great little shops. Picasso Frames is one of many that offers tweaks such as anti-reflective glass.

For a more creative option, try decoupage, which dates back to the 18th century and is making a comeback. All you need is some water-based glue, a paintbrush and varnish, then it's simply a case of glueing your posters onto a piece of furniture. Decoupage can transform your two-dimensional posters into 3D objects, and offers an opportunity to create a signature piece of furniture, designed and handmade by you.

Before you start, you might want to make high-resolution copies of your posters to use for decoupage. There is not much you can do to reverse the process if you don't like the look.

First, find a piece of furniture - it could be bedside tables, lampshades or a tired-looking chair. Flat, hard surfaces work best. If it's wood, sand the furniture and give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth. Then coat the back of your posters with a water-based adhesive. Stick the posters to the furniture surface, then iron out the bubbles with the foam brush or a credit card. Coat it with a few layers of varnish, leave it to dry overnight and cut away any loose edges in the morning.

A simple and bold option is to take just one poster and make a tabletop. For a busier look and feel, make a collection of different sized cut-outs and create a decoupage montage. Maybe throw in a personal touch with photographs from the same era.

For more ideas, search YouTube for "decoupage".

You could also use your posters as wallpaper on a feature wall. Again, you may want to make high-resolution copies, then simply glue them onto the wall and finish with a layer of varnish.

However you decide to show your posters, be sure to look after them. An auction at Christie's in London last year set a new record price for movie artwork, when a poster for the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever fetched nearly $130,000 (Dh477,500).

Pallavi Dean is an award-winning independent design consultant who practises in the UAE. If you have a question for her, email homes@thenational.ae