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Middle East chefs reveal the most unusual requests

Most cooks will go the extra mile to please their customers, but even some of these requests are just outright risky

Chefs have had to put up with some interesting requests over the years. Courtesy The Hotel Show Dubai
Chefs have had to put up with some interesting requests over the years. Courtesy The Hotel Show Dubai

There are a lot of us with certain demands or dietary requirements when we go out to eat. Sometimes you might ask to add or subtract an ingredient, while at others you might prefer our steak well-done over medium-rare.

However, there are some people who take it to a whole other level with their requests.

In a survey conducted ahead of The Hotel Show Dubai 2017, chefs in the Middle East have shed light on some of the weird and bizarre requests they have received from diners.

Most chefs will go the extra mile for their customers, but some of the requests are just outright risky.

For example, did you know there was a chef who was once asked to cook an omelette without any eggs, so instead he had to use a fried tofu creation to make an “omelette lookalike”.

Or even another who was forced to be creative when a customer requested tomato soup — but without the tomatoes!

Then there are the requests that make us wonder if people are even sure what they're eating to begin with.

According to the chefs surveyed, one diner he dealt with was adamant on having steak tartare served well-done, while another table of guests were requesting their chicken breasts be cooked medium-rare.

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and sometimes the most interesting requests lead to the quirkiest results.

One chef says he was tasked with plating-up grilled Dover sole with sauerkraut and chocolate sauce, while another was asked to bake tiramisu — without the sugar.

Of course, there are also those diners whose requests aren't for themselves, instead making them for their furry friends.

One hotel chef recalled being tasked with cooking a Wagyu beef steak to meet the dietary requirements of a visiting pooch! Not only that, he was also asked to gather bottled water and a litre of farmer’s full fat milk for the furry friend — this time for its bath, to ensure its coat stayed “soft and shiny”.

Another guest took "special requests" to a whole new level when they asked for a custom-made meal for her cat.

Apparently she asked for chicken cubes to be grilled on the fire but (like any good cat owner would) insisted that her feline didn’t like garlic and the chicken had to be nice and brown.


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