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Blogger Elle Darby tells UAE radio hosts of death threats after hotel freebie controversy

She alleges the individual at the hotel is notorious 'for basically completely ripping into people', including breastfeeding mothers and vegans

A screenshot from Elle Darby's YouTube feed.
A screenshot from Elle Darby's YouTube feed.

Elle Darby, a social media influencer, was thrust into the spotlight this week after requesting a free stay at a hotel in Dublin.

The hotel posted both her email and their reply, which was a no, onto their Facebook site (concealing Darby's name). The post went viral. On Tuesday Darby took to the airwaves to tell her side of the story and what happened afterwards.

Darby told radio station Virgin DXB that when she sent an email to the hotel, she "was not aware that the certain person I had sent it [the email] was notoriously known for basically completely ripping into people - all different kind of groups of people - vegans, mothers who breast feed their children in public, people with disabilities, people with gluten intolerences all different types of people."

Darby goes on to allege that her name was not properly hidden when her email was posted onto the hotel's Facebook group, and she claims that by turning up the brightness on their screens people could easily see her name, which is when, she says, abuse started. "The hate was just getting so much, like so unbearable, I was having death threats," she said.

Darby said that she didn't think the incident would affect her business and that she was happy in a way, that the topic of social media bullying had been brought into the light. She did not comment on an invoice that was posted on the hotel's social media page, charging her more than €5 million for the publicity she generated.

Kris Fade and Priti Malek, who interviewed Darby, broached the possibility that the hotel managed the situation to gain exposure.

The White Moose Cafe's Facebook has been very busy since the incident, dubbed #bloggergate. They have even run a competition - the best suggestion for a t-shirt slogan wins a free night in the hotel. The slogan that won was 'I demanded freebies at The White Moose Cafe and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"


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