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Dyson DC38 vacuum cleaner: compact and efficient

The DC38 Dyson multi-floor vacuum cleaner is swift and nimble — and the firm is hoping UAE maids will convince their employers to splash out on the device.

The DC38 Dyson vacuum cleaner. Courtesy Dyson
The DC38 Dyson vacuum cleaner. Courtesy Dyson

My maid was so impressed with the DC38 Dyson multi-floor vacuum cleaner that I decided to give it a go as well.

It was swift, nimble, and quite a nostalgic experience. I haven’t vacuumed in years, I rarely do the dishes and I don’t ever clean out the fridge. Like many expats I employ a maid to take care of the messy business of keeping the place tidy. The thought would be rather unfathomable back home in the UK, where there are higher barriers to such luxuries as hired help for normal folk.

But out here, most can afford to hire a maid and this is one of the biggest obstacles facing the likes of Dyson and other premium household appliance manufacturers whose gadgets may be a dream for housewives in Britain, but play little role in the expat life of the Dubai set.

My maid has had to lug around what looks to be a 10-year-old vacuum cleaner. It is a hand-me-down from a former colleague, who had previously inherited it from a friend of hers. There was little point in shelling out for something I did not use; besides, it worked and only a bad workman would blame his tools.

Before this vacuum, my maid had only a dustpan and broom to work with and even then the result was spotless. In short, an expensive vacuum cleaner was an unnecessary investment for an expat planning to stay out here for only a couple of years.

This is exactly the type of attitude that Dyson is hoping to eradicate by opening a new store and offering training sessions to maids here who can then convince their employers to buy a Dyson.

The bagless DC38, priced at Dh1,849, is likely to impress cleaners and homeowners alike. Its small size makes it perfect for those in studios or one-bedroom flats, but provides a limited bin capacity of 0.54 litres. The unit weighs just 6.5kg and uses the company’s ball technology for great manoeuvrability. The motor is inside this ball and provides 170 AW of suction. The hose and extendable handle measures 290mm x 240mm x 438mm.

There is no denying that the DC38 is a great tool and, with its bright colour, it even looks good in the corner of the room. And with Dyson’s patented cyclone technology it may be a necessity rather than a luxury during the sandier months.