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The week's best tweets

From Deschanel to Bieber to Lagerfeld

  • "cry rooms on airplanes would also be great if you get extra emotional during the in-flight entertainment." With that in mind, Zooey Deschanel, perhaps it's best you stick with the action movies on any future flights? January 30.
  • "Male Ladybugs must feel so emasculated" We guess no one will ever know, Rainn Wilson. Unless... does anyone here speak Ladybug? January 30.
  • "Luxury is the income tax of vanity. But it is so pleasant." In that case, Karl Lagerfeld, can we presume that you are in a constant state of joy? January 30.
  • "ok time to go to school. so excited. school is amazing. love doing math and reading. nothing is better. nothing." Justin Bieber doth protest too much, we think. January 31.
  • "some ppl 'lol' after every sentence. ive had it with that. its starting to drive me nuts. its like they have a laugh track on their texts" If only such texts were as funny as having an accompanying laugh track, David Spade, instead of making us want to cry into our grammar books. January 31.
  • "Just FYI. I am very proud to have been in Spicewolrd and still have nothing but love for those exceptional young women. Good night." Well, Jonathan Ross, we're glad someone liked the movie. January 31.
  • "Just to clear up a rumor...I am NOT going to judge X Factor!!! I don't even know where that info came from." We're sure Cheryl Cole will be happy to hear that Jessica Simpson has rubbished any notion of appearing on the popular reality show. January 31.