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Take five: Paint your own money

Celebrity status can help when it comes to selling your art.

The Train, by Robbie Coltrane, could fetch more than Dh20,000.
The Train, by Robbie Coltrane, could fetch more than Dh20,000.

Robbie Coltrane - Harry Potter's Hagrid - could scoop around £4,000 (Dh22,000) from the sale of a painting from his days at the Glasgow School of Art in the 1970s. Other celebrities who have turned their artistic leanings into cash include:

A watercolour by the heir to the British throne turned up recently on a country stall in Wiltshire, southern England, where it sold for £60. His household claims that similar works by the prince usually sell for around £2,500.

The former James Bond actor spends his down time painting "landscapes and colourful portraits of his family". Reproductions are available to buy from his website, www.piercebrosnan.com, for around $2,000 (Dh7,400), with proceeds going to charity.

The singer can, it seems, turn his hand to almost anything: sculpture, photography, paintings and prints are available via www.bowieart.com, with paintings going for around $3,400.

Hopper's photographs taken during the 1960s are rare snippets of a turbulent time in US history. Originals are hard to come by, but a book of his works, Dennis Hopper: Photographs, 1961-67, is available from www.amazon.com from $650.

The Canadian musician described herself in 2000 as "a painter derailed by circumstance". Originals of her work mostly reside in private collections, but prints can be bought from www.jonimitchell.com/paintings from around $200.