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Where are they now? A look at the previous winners of The Voice: Ahla Sawt

Winning the talent show doesn’t guarantee a high profile music career

Sattar Saad from Iraq celebrates after he was named the winner. Anwar Amro / AFP photo
Sattar Saad from Iraq celebrates after he was named the winner. Anwar Amro / AFP photo

Dumooa Tahseen may have won the fourth season of The Voice: Ahla Sawt, but stardom is not guaranteed. While the show has had a strong following ever since its debut in 2012, its winners have generally failed to captilise on the initial hype in order to launch a high profile career.

2012: Mourad Bouriki

No one was going to get a bigger launch pad than the competition’s inaugural champion, but for some reason the Moroccan singer failed to resonate with audiences after the competition. Not that he didn’t try; Bouriki released a strong-enough self-titled debut album in 2013 and performed a few shows with his TV mentor, the Lebanese singer Assi Helani. Unfortunately, his star faded considerably with his social media account virtually inactive since 2014.

2014: Sattar Saad

The Iraqi singer, pictured left, had the support of the competition’s best coach, the mighty crooner and fellow Iraqi Kadim Al Sahir. Under his tutelage, Saad was able to capture the stirring beauty of old Iraqi and Levant folk songs and went on to win the title of the show’s second season. While large-scale popularity alluded him, Saad has been working hard since leaving the show with plenty of low key regional and international dates.

2015: Nedaa Shrara

Despite being three years since she won the previous season of The Voice: Ahla Sawt, it remains too early to judge the trajectory of the Egyptian singer. The year has certainly been a busy one so far with last month’s release of her debut album Baadou Etrak and the 25-year-old appearing on the season finale for the live debut of her lead single and title track. With the year dedicated to tours promoting the album, it will be interesting to see the reception she will receive.


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