x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Graystone: Madly unsettling

Sean Stone's directorial debut is a "found footage" horror film that includes his father, Oliver Stone .


Director: Sean Stone

Starring: Sean Stone, Alexander Wraith


Oliver Stone's son Sean directs and stars in this "found footage" horror about three filmmakers who investigate a former insane asylum. The facility is rumoured to make anyone who walks in go mad.

Although not much more than a typical movie of this nature, Graystone comes across as far more legitimate than the more popular franchises of this type (such as Paranormal Activity).

Certainly, it feels more credible that "real" people (including, briefly, Oliver Stone playing himself) are involved in the story, but even once the full on horror takes place, the scares are more simplistic, more muted in nature and therefore more unsettling. A fine if somewhat familiar debut from the young filmmaker.