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CD review: If Not Now, When? - Incubus

Every moment is as colourless as the one before it.

If Not Now, When?



If you're wondering how Incubus, a band best described as splitting the difference between the faintly annoying pop-rockers Maroon 5 and the awful rap-rockers Limp Bizkit, have survived the past decade, here's the answer: by becoming slightly more like Maroon 5 and less like Limp Bizkit.

While we can all rejoice that the scratching and slap-bass are both long gone, the brand of euphoric soft-rock that the Californian five-piece have been hocking for the past few years sounds more hackneyed than ever on their seventh LP.

From the U2-by-numbers title track to the lead single Adolescents, every moment is as colourless as the one before it.

Updated: July 13, 2011 04:00 AM