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First weekend highlights of the Sharjah International Book Fair

Here are the five key sessions to check from the opening weekend at the Sharjah Expo

Digital exhibition of the Birmingham Quran manuscript. University of Birmingham
Digital exhibition of the Birmingham Quran manuscript. University of Birmingham

The autobiographical literature and its conditions

Ever since Saud Alsanousi won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction for his 2013 novel The Bamboo Stalk, the Kuwaiti has been addressing large venues about his work. Fans then should enjoy the relative intimacy of the Intellectual Hall as he and Algerian novelist Wasini Al Araj discuss how personal experiences inform their work. Tomorrow, 5pm at the Intellectual Hall.

Everlasting Readings: Birmingham Quran Manuscript

The session will feature a digital copy of the Quran, which is dated as far back as between 568 and 645 AD and housed at the University of Birmingham in England. The session will discuss how the manuscript was found and its significance in that it is one of the earliest surviving Qurans in the world today. Tomorrow, 8pm at Cultural Cafes.

How writers are inspired to write about the history of their country

A trio of international writers has been assembled to discuss how they present their country to a foreign audience. A winner of some of her countries most prestigious literary prizes, Argentine writer Elsa Osoria broke out internationally with her sixth novel My Name is Light (2003) which was translated into 15 languages. She will be joined by Pakistani writer and blogger Bina Shah and German-based Iraqi journalist Najem Wali. Friday, 6pm at the Literature Forum.

Bridging the gap between academia and fiction

Lisa Genova is the closest thing the book fair has when it comes to Hollywood lustre this year. The American author and academic’s 2007 debut work Still Alice was not only a best seller but became a 2014 Oscar-winning film starring Julianne Moore. Genova will discuss how she blends science into her novels which all feature a protagonist with a neurological condition. Friday, 7.15pm at the Book Forum.

Creative Writing Workshop

A eclectic writing class run by committee as Victoria Christopher Murray, author of popular African-American based chick lit novels, American children’s author Peter Lerangis, and Filipino poet Edgar Samar show us to get the best of different genres. Saturday, 10pm at the Literature Forum.

For all sessions go to www.sibf.com


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