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A wonderful sight to see

A reader expresses delight at our photo of newly-hatched flamingos along with adults on a UAE beach. Other letters touch on parking, Rupert Murdoch's pie in the face, a big tower development, and blood money

Flamingos and the their chicks. A reader praises Abu Dhabi's conservation efforts, which are evidenced by the patter of tiny flamingo feet on the country's beaches. Courtesy EAD
Flamingos and the their chicks. A reader praises Abu Dhabi's conservation efforts, which are evidenced by the patter of tiny flamingo feet on the country's beaches. Courtesy EAD

Thank you for the editorial Mawaqif could use more explanation (July 21). I am one of those whose blood pressure has been adversely affected by the awkward roll-out of the new system.

The way for Mawaqif to make itself more popular was also reflected in the same edition of your paper (It's just the ticket as car parking gets easier, July 21) - a big new car-park in Al Falah.

I believe I speak for many drivers when I say that the time and frustration we would save if there were enough car parks around town would more than make up for the cost we would have to pay.

Hale Holger, Abu Dhabi

I appreciate that the authorities are trying to improve the parking situation and reduce traffic but one of Mr Al Zarooni's comments here misses the mark completely.

Yes, people in other countries walk and, yes, they do have rain, snow, ice and extreme cold.

Heat is different. If it's cold, you wear a thick coat. If it's raining, you carry an umbrella and wear galoshes. If it's snowing you wear snow boots. And so on.

But what do you do if it's 45 to 50 degrees with 75 per cent humidity? You sweat.

Add to that walk the waiting time in the hot sun and what you get is a bunch of stinky people on the bus and at work. That can't be good for business.

Increasing costs in order to force people out of their cars seems like a good idea and it works in other countries with widespread mass transit but not in a city with a few overcrowded bus routes.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Tower project blocks the view

I refer to the news item titled Modern icons: towers that bend space and light (July 21).

The design director for the Etihad Towers project says "the site of the towers is unique".

All I can see is that they have uniquely impeded the view of a signature building, the Emirates Palace hotel.

And can the far end of the Corniche really be considered "a major access point to the city"? It certainly will become a major congestion point, however.

Anne McAdam, Abu Dhabi Blood money can help save lives

In reference to the news story 17 on death row 'reprieved in days' (July 22).

One often sees opinion-mongers in the West express revulsion about the practice of "blood money" but a solution like this one is a lot more humane than executions, which is what might have happened to these men in the US.

Parveen Malik, Dubai

Pie in the face no laughing matter

I take issue with the letter calling the man who attempted to jam a foam pie in Rupert Murdoch's face "a nitwit" (Focus on the real issues, please, July 21).

Perhaps he is. But the man was smart enough to get a pie-plate and the filling into a parliamentary committee room.

What if it had been a gun or a bomb?

The real nitwits, it seems to me, are the security officials who let this happen.

I hope heads will roll, though only metaphorically.

Charles Guiteau, Dubai

Incidents in which some popular figure gets a "pie in the face" are quite common, the most recent being the Rupert Murdoch affair.

People regard these things as amusing but here's what I want to know: how long until an over-anxious security man pulls out his gun and kills one of these pranksters?

Nobody will be laughing then.

Mike Supman, Abu Dhabi

Murdoch scandal a global concern

In reference to the article US will be careful in any legal move against Murdoch (July 21), I cannot see why US prosecutors do not throw the book at News International and the Murdochs.

There is a prima facie case under the Foreign and Corrupt Practises Act.

Charles Norrie, Abu Dhabi

Flamingos are a sight to behold

Regarding the story Patter of tiny flamingo feet for first time in a decade (July 21), I saw pink flamingos in Umm al Qaiwain and Ras al Khaimah beaches.

They are so beautiful and a wonderful sight in the UAE. Thanks for this wonderful article.

Abdulla Al Fadhli, Abu Dhabi

Saving a dirham and log in online

I am so glad group buying websites have finally targeted Dubai (Thrifty shoppers take their pick online, June 30). I myself regularly check my e-mail to receive deals from Moosavings.com - great deals.

Jenna Davis, Abu Dhabi