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Yoga guru exercises political power

A reader shows support for television star Baba Ramdev's anti-corruption campaign. Other letter topics: parking fees, Facebook and endangered rhinos.

A reader praises the anti-corruption activities of Indian television yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Kevin Frayer / AP
A reader praises the anti-corruption activities of Indian television yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Kevin Frayer / AP

I enjoyed Time to say farewell to Facebook (August 14) and I hope Christopher Lord manages to find a fulfilling life offline.

However, in defence of the world's most popular social network, it does have some value for those of us with friends and relatives spread across the globe.

It's easier to "broadcast" updates on your life over Facebook than it is to get in touch with each of your friends individually.

Perhaps that seems quite lazy and impersonal, but it's surely better than not keeping in contact at all.

Trevor Long, Abu Dhabi


Disappointed with coupon service

In reference to US internet deals giant to pull out of Middle East (August 13), while LivingSocial has excellent customer service, some of the vendors it uses are shocking.

I bought services and products from them twice and on both occasions had to resort to requesting a full refund.

The vendor offering mobile phones had staff who had no clue about the process of redemption of the vouchers or even how to provide the correct contact details for redemption.

The hotel offering a Friday brunch did so on numerous occasions but sold many more seats than it had available to fill.

I hope that whoever buys this company makes an effort to ensure the vendors are reliable and reputable and can fulfil the deals offered on the site

Razena Schroeder, Dubai

Parking charges annoy motorists

Regarding Tecom signs deal to end free parking (August 14), the area in question is one of the least congested areas I have seen in Dubai.

For the Roads and Transport Authority to say "this agreement aims to streamline the use of public parking, reduce traffic grids [and] dangerous parking practices that undermine the safety of road users" is an insult to the intelligence of the end user.

Let's call it what it is: it is an attempt to get more money from working people, even though salaries have dropped and no one has supplied an adequate alternative public transportation system.

Danial Beck, Dubai

This is just another way to milk motorists.

Alan Godfrey, Dubai

Morsi taking steps to cleanse nation

As an Egyptian, I say thank you, Mr Morsi (Morsi ousts military chief Tantawi in show of strength, August 13). You have taken a perfect step.

Now we can tell the world that Egypt is on the right path towards a clean country - clean in every aspect.

I am sure we Egyptians will gain back respect worldwide.

Ahmed Imaduddeen, Qatar

Guru's campaign has great support

As you reported in TV guru arrested in protest march (August 14), yoga guru Baba Ramdev's arrest was in connection with his anti-corruption campaign.

His main slogan is "bring back the black money" in order to get the economy on track, and it is a good initiative.

Even though the Congress party called his move a political stunt, his cause is backed by his many supporters and other political parties.

K Ragavan, India

London put on a perfect show

Regarding London 2012: see you in Rio (August 13), Britain did a magical job.

I already miss watching the activities of the excellent 30th Olympic Games.

Mohamed Kanoo, Abu Dhabi

Endangered rhinos need our support

Regarding Defending a behemoth (August 11), rhinoceros conservation has a big connection to the Gulf.

First of all, there is still a trade for rhino horns in Yemen, where they are made into dagger handles.

Secondly, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, has been very involved in funding conservation activities throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Hopefully, there will be more support for conserving the northern subspecies of the white rhino.

Tim Upham, UK

I cannot find enough words to praise Lawrence Anthony's work.

It is our responsibility as human beings to ensure the rhinos' survival in the wild.

Margaret Smith, Dubai