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WATCH: Sightline with Tim Marshall on Trump's Asean snub

US President Donald Trump is skipping key Asia-Pacific summits, giving China President Xi Jinping a prime chance to fill the diplomatic void

Among the world leaders attending the upcoming Asean and Apec summits in the Pacific will be China President Xi Jinping. Not among them will be US President Donald Trump. Is this China's chance to gain support from Asean nations who have recently favoured the attention of the United States?

Tim Marshall tackles this question in the latest edition of Sightline. Watch the full video above.

Trump will send Vice President Mike Pence in his stead while claiming his attendance his needed elsewhere, but bilateral ties in the Pacific region might require a more personal touch.

China would like to sell Asean neighbours on its Belt and Road initiatives, and has several interests in the South China Sea. Tim asks if Trump's absence will create an opportunity for China to make headway in the region at a time when many Asean nations have pursued closer ties with Washington.


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