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Surviving the dump in Haiti - in pictures

Plumes of smoke fill the air as rubbish burns at Cite Soleil's landfill site in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation

Changlair Aristide makes his living in a smouldering, hellish landscape - the stinking refuse of an impoverished land.

Like thousands of others, the father-of-nine survives by hunting for anything left of value in the Truitier landfill north of Cite Soleil, a notorious slum near Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince.

Bin lorries roar 24 hours a day, leaving 100,000 tonnes of waste each month across 200 acres. Pickers frequently fight for the most valuable hauls.

Desperation and misery dull any sense of optimism.

"It's a hell on earth," said Aristide, 36, who has been sorting through waste since 1994 and originally saw the work as a way to get rich in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation.


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