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Sightline with Tim Marshall: Brazil's Bolsonaro and the rise of far right

Is Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president-elect, the most right-wing leader elected this century?

The National's Tim Marshall examines this question as South America's left-wing 'Pink Tide' seems to be in a retreat.

Mr Bolsonaro, who was elected with almost 58 million votes, likes to compare himself to Donald Trump. But how different or similar is he to President Trump?

Bolsonaro was elected on an anti-corruption and pro-gun platform, who after nearly three decades in Congress portrayed himself as a political outsider amid widespread anger at establishment parties.

The 63-year-old former paratrooper has vowed a tough crackdown on record-levels of crime. His win has seen Brazilian stocks gain 3.9 per cent in the week since the vote.

Mr Bolsonaro's first foreign trips as president will be to Israel, the United States and Chile - countries that "share our world view", according to his future chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni.


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Updated: November 11, 2018 05:44 PM