x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Canadians to pay up to $1,000 for UAE visas

Canadians wishing to travel to the UAE face hefty fees and a wait of more than two weeks for a visa from Sunday.

ABU DHABI // Canadians wishing to travel to the UAE will have to pay hefty fees and wait more than two weeks for a visa as of Sunday.

A 30-day, non-renewable visa will cost 250 Canadian dollars, or Dh920. A three-month visa will cost $500 while a six-month, multiple-entry visas runs to $1000.

Previously, Canada was one of 32 nations whose residents could travel to the UAE and obtain an free, one-month visa on arrival.

The new regulations were announced in early November, following a diplomatic disagreement between the two countries over airline landing rights in Canada that previously saw the country close Camp Mirage, a military base in Dubai.

Last week the UAE Embassy in Ottawa announced that Canadian citizens planning to travel to the UAE for tourism or business purposes should arrange their visas through an airline, travel agency or hotel inside the UAE.

Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways, the only two airlines authorised to issue visas to Canadians, are offering an online visa application process for Canadians.

For Canadians flying on other airlines, who are not planning to stay in hotels, the foreign affairs office in Ottawa said that a sponsor – friend, family or business contact – must apply for the visa from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Once visa approval is obtained, the sponsor will be required to transmit a copy of the visa by email or fax to the Canadian traveller, who will pick up their original visa on arrival in the UAE,” said a spokesman for the Ottawa foreign affairs office.