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WATCH: Australian granny wrestles snakes out of her BBQ with her bare hands

Not much will stop an Australian from enjoying their outdoor tucker – even its wildlife.

So when a pair of pythons slithered their way into an elderly Australian's BBQ, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands.

Faye Morgan, 81, is seen pulling the snakes out of the stove and dumping them into a plastic container before the lid was shut tight by her son-in-law, Marc Wright.

Ms Morgan has spent her whole life on a farm and was no stranger to snakes, local media reported.

"I said goodbye to them, and said 'I hope you have a lovely life' when I relocated them," she says.

Jackson Wright, who filmed the video, said that they saw a snake go in the pit on Saturday (August 25) night, but only discovered that there were two on Sunday.


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