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Yemen: Arab Coalition jets target Houthi rebels in Dhalea

The battle rages as living conditions worsen for thousands of civilians caught in war

A government-allied fighter prepares a mortar round near the frontline in Dhalea province. Ali Mahmood/The National 
A government-allied fighter prepares a mortar round near the frontline in Dhalea province. Ali Mahmood/The National 

Arab Coalition jets launched five air strikes on Tuesday afternoon at Houthi gatherings at three villages in southern Yemen's Dhalea province.

The strikes were at Higar, Shalyeel and Beit Al Shawki villages north of the Qatabah district.

“The air strikes destroyed military equipment including tanks, artillery and armoured vehicles," a military source in Qatabah said. "Dozens of rebels were killed."

Battles have been raging between the Houthi rebels and pro-government forces in northern Dhalea for more than a month.

“The Houthi rebels have been suffering big losses in their ranks amid the fierce confrontations in the areas of Beit Al Shargi, Mureis and in the newly opened front in Al Azarik, on the border with Taez province," said Waheed Al Sufyani, spokesman for the Security Belt Forces in Dhalea.

"Hundreds of Houthi fighters have been killed and more than 1,400 were arrested in the battle with our forces since it flared up on the northern borders of Dhalea last month.

“There are high-ranking Houthi commanders among those captured by our forces amid the continuous confrontations in Hamak front, mostly in Beit Al Shargi."

Aseel Al Sakladi, spokesman for the Amalikah Brigades, said: “In Mureis, an artillery unit affiliated with Al Amalikah forces on Tuesday targeted a Houthi military vehicle carrying fighters in a checkpoint in eastern Mureis, killing all of the Houthis on it.” .

The humanitarian situation in Dhalea is worsening as the Houthi rebels pound populated areas with mortars and ballistic missiles.

The National visited Dhalea, where fighting is raging on five fronts along the northern borders with the provinces of Taez and Ibb.

Thousands of people, most of whom were displaced by the clashes, lined up in front of shops, hoping to obtain flour and cooking gas.

“This is our life," ,said Umm Shaher, a woman in her fifties queuing to get a cylinder of cooking gas in the centre of Dhalea City. "Our sons fight in the fronts and we fight here in front of the stores."

Thousands of displaced have been moved from the dangerous areas to the city centre to escape the Houthi shells.

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