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US and UK condemn Iran’s inability to respect human rights

The Iranian regime was held responsible for failing to protect religious minorities and arbitrary detention

The Iranian regime was slammed for not upholding international legal obligations. EPA
The Iranian regime was slammed for not upholding international legal obligations. EPA

Iran has consistently failed to uphold basic human rights and needs to immediately end the use of torture in prison, the US and UK said in separate statements to the UN in Geneva.

Both countries called for a significant overhaul of the Iranian legal system that would allow an impartial trial process and an independent judiciary.

Miriam Shearman, the UK’s deputy representative to the UN in Geneva, urged Iran to investigate the sexual exploitation of children and develop a national plan to protect them to ensure there was no forced, early or temporary marriages.

“We remain concerned by discrimination against persons belonging to minority religious groups, particularly the Baha’i and Christians,” she said during the Universal Periodic Review of Iran's human rights.

“We remain deeply concerned by Iran’s failure to uphold international legal obligations, and its arbitrary detention of citizens and dual nationals arrested on unclear charges, denied due process and subject to mistreatment.” Ms Shearman said.

The US’s Chargé d’Affaires Mark Cassayre said “for decades Ian has flagrantly violated its citizens’ human rights”.

He said Iran needed to immediately release prisoners of conscience and “others unjustly detained” including Bob Levinson, who has not been seen since 2007.

Mr Cassayre recommended that Iran “abolish laws requiring women to wear hijabs in public, end legal prohibitions on women’s full participation in society, and stop criminalising women’s calls for reform”.

“We urge the government to allow the Special Rapporteur on Iran to visit the country and investigate existing practices,” he added.

The condemnation by the US and UK follows calls by Amnesty International for the international community to condemn Iran’s human rights record.

“From horrific execution rates, to the relentless persecution of human rights defenders, rampant discrimination against women and minorities, and ongoing crimes against humanity, the catalogue of appalling violations recorded in Iran reveals a sharp deterioration in its human rights record,” said Philip Luther of Amnesty International.

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