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Terrorist plot foiled in Saudi Arabia: reports

Security services intercepted a stolen Toyota Corolla vehicle in a busy, built-up district of Saihat city.

There have been a string of attacks in the Qatif area of eastern Saudi Arabia. Google Maps
There have been a string of attacks in the Qatif area of eastern Saudi Arabia. Google Maps

Security services in Saudi Arabia have foiled a major terrorist plot after shooting dead three suspects , the Saudi ministry of culture and information announced on Saturday.

Officers of the kingdom's security service intercepted a stolen Toyota Corolla in a busy, built-up area of the cty of Saihat in Qatif province late in the evening of July 14. As the car was surrounded, three men inside the vehicle produced guns and began firing at both the officers and crowds of civilians near the scene, before they themselves were shot dead.

Details foe the incident were reported via ME NewsWire.

Inside the stolen vehicle, officers found a number of weapons, including three machine guns, a pistol, live ammunition and over ten kilograms of explosives.

Further inquiries revealed the three men were part of a known terrorist cell and wanted for a number of serious crimes over the past few years, including the murder of ten security officers.

A ministry of interior spokesman said, "It is very clear that these men were intent on causing a major terrorist incident which would have resulted in the death of many innocent citizens. Due to the bravery and expertise of our police and security services, this evil plan was foiled. We thank God for their courage and dedication. Terrorists and extremists target Saudi Arabia just as they do the countries of Europe and other peace loving parts of the world.

"We in Saudi Arabia are determined to defeat them, and will devote all available resources to overcoming this great evil. Saudi Arabia will have zero tolerance for terrorist crimes of this kind, which threaten both national security and the lives of our citizens."

The ministry has released the identities of the deceased terrorists and investigations into the activities of their associates and the terrorist cell continue.

Updated: July 22, 2017 10:48 AM