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Israel wounds two Gaza gunmen after rockets fired

The Israeli military fired a missile at gunmen in the Gaza Strip wounding two of them, medical workers said.

GAZA // An Israeli military aircraft fired a missile at gunmen in the Gaza Strip today, wounding two of them, after a rocket and a mortar were fired at Israel, Palestinian medical workers said. An Israeli military spokesman confirmed there had been an air strike after the firing from Gaza at Israel today. Medics in Gaza said they evacuated two gunmen to hospital after an Israeli air strike in northern Gaza, where gunmen often shoot rockets at Israel.

Two more rockets fired from Gaza slammed into a southern Israeli town after the air strike and one Israeli was taken to hospital with shrapnel wounds, Israeli rescue services said. There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the latest attacks. Rocket attacks from Gaza have increased since Israel stepped up raids against gunmen, killing 10 in two separate incidents since Nov 4, in a flare-up that threatens a 5-month-old truce along the Israeli-Gaza frontier.

Israel has also shut border crossings with the coastal territory, blocking food and fuel supplies, and United Nations aid agencies said yesterday they were running out of food supplies for some 750,000 Palestinians. *Reuters