x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 20 July 2017

Israel to unveil new spy plane

Israel is to unveil an advanced aircraft ? capable of spying on Iran ? in response to Iran's recent testing of new missiles.

JERUSALEM // Israel says it will display an advanced aircraft that is capable of spying on Iran, in response to the latter's recent testing of new long and medium range missiles. State-run Israel Aerospace Industries plans an in-house exhibit of its Eitam aeroplane, which is said to be equipped with sophisticated intelligence-gathering systems. The plane was first unveiled a year ago and Israel's Army Radio says Israel is showing the plane now in response to missile testing yesterday during the Great Prophet III war games by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Iran test-fired long and medium-range missiles during the war games to flex its military muscle and show how it would retaliate to any attack by Israel or the US. Israel considers Iran its greatest enemy and says Tehran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons that could be used against the Jewish state. Tehran insists its nuclear programme is peaceful and designed only to produce energy. *AP