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Israel suspected of carrying out new airstrikes in Syria

Country’s official news agency confirmed on Thursday night that one of its military airports near Homs was hit

The highway connecting the Syrian capital Damascus to the centrral city of Homs. Mahmoud Taha / AFP
The highway connecting the Syrian capital Damascus to the centrral city of Homs. Mahmoud Taha / AFP

Israel is suspected of carrying out missile strikes against a military airport near the Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, an area known for the presence of both Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) forces.

Syria’s official news agency confirmed around 9.30 pm local time that one of its military airports was a target of an outside aggression but claimed that the regime defences “blocked the missiles.”

Other local reports said four missiles struck the Dab’aa military base near Homs, and that a fire encircled its area:

Sky News Arabia reported that Israeli jets were heard around the time of the attack flying over Lebanon's airspace:

Charles Lister, a fellow at the Middle East Institute, noted that the area that was targeted in Al Qusayr region in Homs, “is an IRGC, Hezbollah stronghold and thought to host multiple militia recruitment centres & training facilities.”

“Israel has long focused on the area as being Tehran’s core node for Syria operations.”

Israel carried out a wave of airstrikes targeting Iranian military infrastructure in Syria on May 10. It has not claimed responsibility for this attack.


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The strikes took place as French president Emmanuel Macron was visiting Russia and speaking at a press conference with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The two leaders have discussed Syria among other issues in the region.

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