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Iran's police chief bans cross-dressing inmates

Iran's police chief orders forces to stop cross-dressing prisoners as punishment after one case prompts protests by activists.

TEHRAN, Iran // Iran's police chief has ordered its forces to stop cross-dressing convicts as punishment after one case prompted protests by activists.

Several news dailies, including the pro-reform Arman, on Thursday quoted Gen. Ismail Ahmdi Moghaddam as saying that his forces have been warned not to carry out "unpleasant" initiations in their punishment of convicts.

Earlier this month, a local judge in the Kurdish town of Marivan ordered a man to parade in a woman's dress as part of his punishment on a domestic violence conviction.

Some Iranian men protested the punishment by posting their own cross-dressing photos on the Internet. Iranian activists and female lawmakers also criticised the verdict, although the general said his forces only put a red scarf on the head of the convict.