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Independent investigators rules in favour of Arab coalition over strikes

The report was compiled after claims the strike targeted civilian homes

Smoke rises after an airstrike. REUTERS
Smoke rises after an airstrike. REUTERS

Early indicators from an independent investigation into a recent bombing in Yemen’s Saada that was launched after claims that civilian homes were targeted showed that the strike was carried out against a single isolated building that was being used by Houthi rebel commanders.

The legal consultant of Joint Incident Assessment Team, Mansour Al Mansour, presented satellite imagery of the targeted building showing it was located in a remote area and not next to civilian homes as had been reported by some organisations and pro-Houthi media. The site, he said, was being used by Houthis at the time.

The Arab Coalition fighting on behalf of the internationally-recognised government of Abdrabu Mansur Hadi, previously said that the attack on the Houthi militants adhered to international norms and standards.

Mr Al Mansour, said the assessment team was continuing multiple investigations.

In separate case, Mr Al Mansour said that there was no evidence the Coalition had struck a local market in Al Haymah of Taiz. In a third case, a coalition strike near the wharf of Hodeidah port on the Red Sea was found to have been targeting a Houthi attack boat used to harass coalition and commercial shipping.

The Houthis have intentionally used civilians as human shields in the past. The JIAT has reported cases of rebels intentionally deploying militias near civilians.

Mr Al Mansour said the investigation panel was still reviewing other allegations made against the coalition and would continue to report its findings as they are completed.

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Updated: August 12, 2018 08:12 PM