x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

GCC safe from al Qa'eda retribution over bin Laden, ministers say

UAE undersecretary, Kuwaiti official say bin Laden's death will not halt global terrorism.

ABU DHABI // The killing of Osama bin Laden will spark retribution from al Qa'eda members, and terrorist activities will continue, top GCC officials said yesterday.

The UAE Interior Ministry Undersecretary Gen Seif al Shaafar said more attacks are expected.

/>"Terrorism will not end with the murder of bin Laden or al Zawaheri," he said. "Al Qa'eda has built wide networks that will continue to operate."

However, the general said, authorities do not expect the UAE to be at risk because it generally has not been a target for such groups.

"From my security opinion, we have to wait and see," said Lt General Ghazi al-Omar, undersecretary of the Interior Ministry of Kuwait. "There has to be a reaction from al Qa'eda. If the system is well organised, it won't stop. Their activities are not limited to one person, even if he were their leader."

GCC countries were safe, he added.

"We don't have these types of problems. Matters are moderate, [GCC countries] have been merciful with everyone, they give aid to the whole world. From a humanitarian perspective everyone appreciates them," he said.