x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Funding Yemen's development

How Abu Dhabi's money will be spent

Abu Dhabi's money has been allocated to the following projects: ? Construction of the Sad Hassan dam Dh275m ? Energy projects, including transmission lines, transformers, power stations and distribution of power from Ma'reb station as well as a gas power station project Dh588m ? Providing drinking water to rural communities and setting up city sewage networks Dh147m ? Expansion of Aden seaport Dh147m ? Paving rural roads Dh165m

? Expansion of engineering faculty in Sana'a university Dh55m ? New buildings and equipment for 20 colleges and training centres Dh147m ? Social Development Fund, providing services ranging from healthcare and education to drinking water Dh294m ? Smart card project Dh226m ? Saleh Healthcare City project Dh184m ? Equipment for national malaria campaign Dh11m

? Development of National Sciences Museum Dh48m ? Building 1,000 houses for the victims of a floods in the Hadramout Valley last year Dh100m Total: Dh2,387m * Source: Abu Dhabi Fund for Development