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Britain says Iran to free one embassy employee

One of two British embassy employees being detained by Iranian authorities to be released today: David Miliband.

LONDON // One of two British embassy employees still being detained by Iranian authorities is to be released today, the British foreign secretary David Miliband said. Iran had arrested nine local embassy staff, accusing them of instigating street protests over disputed presidential election results. It later released seven of them. "Our ambassador was told that the eighth person would indeed be released today, that the papers have been signed and there would not be a court process or charges", Mr Miliband said. "That leaves one more in custody. All of our efforts are now directed at getting that person out."

Mr Miliband added he had yet to speak to his Iranian counterpart about the status of the remaining detainee. "I don't think you need to read anything into that. We've had two conversations over the course of the week," he said. European Union countries summoned Iranian ambassadors on Friday to protest against the detention of the British embassy employees and warned of tougher steps next week if they are not freed.