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Beyond the Headlines: The new Syrian refugees of Turkey's offensive

Turkey's attack on Syrian Kurdish-led forces has sent a new wave of civilians fleeing from their homes

On October 9 after months of warning, Turkey launched an offensive across its south-east border into Syria. The move came after US President Donald Trump pulled his forces back from the border, effectively giving the operation the green light. The move abandoned America’s Kurdish and northern Syrian allies who had led much of the fighting in the long campaign against ISIS in Syria.

This week host James Haines-Young looks at the situation for the newly displaced refugees fleeing the Turkish to seek safety in north-west Iraq. He talks to Firas Al Khateeb from the UNHCR, Jack Moore, The National's deputy foreign editor and Willy Lowry, a video journalist in our multimedia team, about the situation on the ground.


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Updated: November 8, 2019 01:56 PM

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