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Beyond the Headlines podcast: Inside Syria's propaganda machine

This week, Gareth Browne talks to us after returning from a week-long government-monitored trip into Assad's Syria

<p>Sana / EPA</p>
Sana / EPA

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has always held a tight grip on media in his country. After seven years of a vicious war, the strongman maintains strict control over all news coming out of his side of the country.

The National was given a glimpse into what Assad wants the world to interpret about his regime. Our correspondent, Gareth Browne saw right through it.

We spoke to Gareth as he returned from a week-long government-monitored trip into Assad's Syria. He told us about how the country's secret service hounded the group of journalists from the UK and what it means for the Syria's outlook.

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Updated: April 25, 2018 04:35 PM