x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 17 August 2017

Lebanon charges 7 over Tripoli mosque bombing

Seven charged with 'acts of terrorism' over deadly mosque bombings that killed 47 people.

BEIRUT // Lebanese military prosecutor Saqr Saqr has charged seven people with “acts of terrorism” over deadly mosque bombings in the northern city of Tripoli, according to state media.

Three of those charged were in detention while the rest were at large, The National News Agency said on Monday.

The August 23 blasts, which targeted two Sunni Muslim mosques and killed 47 people, came less than a fortnight after a deadly explosion in a Shiite neighbourhood south of Beirut.

At least one of the detainees comes from Tripoli’s Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood – which is predominantly Alawite – the minority sect of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

Syria’s civil war has spilled over to Lebanon on several occasions, triggering clashes in Tripoli between Sunnis and Alawites.

Five other suspects were charged in late August.

* Associated Press