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Iran tries to arrest Trump and Israel delays annexation: the news you might have missed

Interpol says it doesn’t get involved in political arrests as Iran issues warrant for American president

Interpol says no red notice for Donald Trump after Iran request

Interpol will not comply with an Iranian request to issue a global red notice to arrest US President Donald Trump, it told The National on Monday.

Tehran's top prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr, on Monday announced murder and terrorism charges against Mr Trump over the January 3 killing of Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani, Iraqi militia head Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis, and others near Bagdhad airport.

After a meeting of the country's Supreme Judicial Council, Mr Alqasimehr said that 35 others would also face charges in Iran.

But Interpol said its constitution prevented it from "undertaking any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character".

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Daily update

France arrests six over stolen Banksy artwork of Bataclan terror attack

Six people have been arrested in France over the theft of an artwork by British street artist Banksy commemorating victims of the 2015 Paris attacks.

The piece was stolen from the Bataclan concert hall where 90 people died in an ISIS terror attack.

The suspects were arrested across France after the artwork – an image of a girl in mourning painted on one of the Paris venue's emergency doors – was found in Italy earlier in the month.

On Friday, two people were charged with theft and four others with concealing theft.

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Arab Coalition seizes new Iranian missile shipment off Yemen coast

A shipment of Iranian missiles destined for the Houthi rebels was seized by the Arab Coalition off the Yemeni coast, officials said on Monday.

Saudi representatives of the Coalition revealed new details about the shipment in a conference hosted by broadcaster Al Arabiya, in which they displayed footage and images of the operation.

They said a vessel carrying Iranian weapons was intercepted 12 days ago off the coast of Yemen.

Al Arabiya English showed images of the weapons and quoted a Coalition official as saying the wooden vessel was found off the coast of the Yemeni city of Mocha.

The find suggests Iran is contravening a UN resolution that prohibits arms transfers to the Houthi rebels, who overran the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in 2014.

Calls intensified this week for the UN to renew an arms embargo, which is to expire in October, on Iran.

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Beyond the Headlines

Israeli defence chief Gantz says West Bank annexation 'will wait'

Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to begin annexing occupied West Bank territory will have to wait because of the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Gantz, who is also alternative prime minister, told his Blue and White Party on Monday that his top priority was helping the country through the health and economic crisis from the coronavirus.

"Anything unrelated to the battle against the coronavirus will wait," he said.

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Waste clear-up on the 'Titanic of the Gulf'

Rocket lands near motorcade of Lebanon’s Saad Hariri

A missile exploded near the convoy of former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri as he visited the eastern Bekaa Valley earlier this month, he said on Monday.

Mr Hariri said reports by Saudi-owned Al Hadath TV were generally correct.

But he wanted to refrain from public statements about the incident until police had concluded their investigation, he said.

The missile reportedly landed 500 metres from his motorcade on June 17 as his 30-vehicle convoy drove back from a meeting with Khalil Al Mais, the Bekaa Valley’s top Sunni cleric, in the eastern village of Makseh.

The attack came days after clashes in Beirut sparked by Lebanon’s continuing economic and financial crisis, and amid sectarian tensions.

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