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Saudi King in Muscat to meet new Sultan of Oman

As condolences continue, Sultan Haitham met several heads of state and received cables from across the world.

King Salman meets with Sultan Haitham in Muscat. SPA 
King Salman meets with Sultan Haitham in Muscat. SPA 

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman arrived in Muscat on Monday to offer condolences for the death of Oman’s Sultan Qaboos.

He was met at the airport by Sultan Haitham, the new leader of Oman, and several government and military officials from the Sultanate.

The king is the latest in a line of international leaders to travel to Oman since the death of Sultan Qaboos on Friday.

The country has been in mourning since the news early on Saturday. Belaying concerns about appointing a successor for Sultan Qaboos, who was not married and had no natural heirs, the country’s ruling family quickly chose Sultan Haitham.

Sultan bin Mohammed, the Minister of the Royal Office, opened a letter written by Sultan Qaboos naming his preferred successor in front of senior government and military officials and heads of the Omani families in footage broadcast on television.

From New York, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres extended his profound condolences to “the Royal family, the government and the Omani people.”

“Sultan Qaboos led Oman for 50 years and spearheaded the transformation of Oman into a prosperous and stable country. He was also committed to spreading messages of peace, understanding and coexistence in the region and globally, earning the respect of his people and those in the region and beyond,” he wrote in a letter.

French President Emmanuel Macron also sent a cable to extend his condolences.

“At a time of great upheaval, Sultan Qaboos knew how to respond to the aspirations of his people. A man of peace, he worked tirelessly to resolve regional conflicts and reduce tensions. He never stopped promoting a vision of reconciliation and mutual tolerance,” Mr Macron wrote.

Prince Moulay Rachid, the brother of the Moroccan king, who conveyed the condolences of King Mohammed Vi and the royal family.

Pakistani President Imran Khan praised the vision of the late Sultan as a “pillar upon which Oman was built as a vibrant, modern state. He added that the Sultanate has lost an admirable leader and Pakistan had also lost a close, reliable friend.

Mr Khan reiterated his determination to continue developing the Omani-Pakistani relations that received valuable contributions.

President Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan said: “Sultan Qaboos was a well-known personality who earned infinite respect from his subjects.”

President of Uzbekistan underscored efforts of the late Sultan in enhancing the welfare of his people and the position of his country in the world.

He added that “the memory of the late Sultan will remain for good in the hearts of Uzbek people as a political figure who has remarkably contributed in establishing and enhancing ties of cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Sultanate.”

Former Lebanese prime minister Najib Mikati and, separately, Fuat Oktay, vice president of Turkey, also met with Sultan Hiatham.

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